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“I love this place”


Same story as some here rear ended and the insurance company asked me to take it to any body shop . So I decided to bring it here because its close to my daughters school. I could actully stop by and check out how it was doign for the repair. The body man at the door knows what he is doing… I walked in and found them working on my car, so I asked if i could ask few questions about a noise my car was doing… these guys are NOT mechanics I knew that but i just thought i had a shot at asking and maybe I had a change of him having herd this before. So he immideatly opened the hood and took a look. He did warn me he was not a mechanic but would try and help. Next thing I knew he found where the noise was coing from and fix it.!!! It was a small piece of  metal that was causing the issue. These guys left my car looking like new. I love this place. Will deff bring back my car if ever they need repairs. Thanks again!!

Landy B. (Redwood City, CA)